Fox Won't Produce the NBC Hillary Miniseries the GOP Is Protesting

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Fox Television Studios said it was canceling negotiations to produce an NBC biopic about Hillary Clinton the same day the Republican National Committee voted to ban NBC from hosting its 2016 primary debates to protest the miniseries.

NBC is planning a four-hour Hillary miniseries starring Diane Lane, and last week, The New York Times reported that "NBC is in “the early stages” of discussions to bring the Fox unit in as the production company." Not anymore. That idea has been nixed, though "a source at Fox says the negotiation fell apart over deal points more than any potential fallout," The Hollywood Reporter's Kim Masters reports.

The RNC is also boycotting CNN for its planned documentary about Hillary Clinton. The films "are an attempt to show political favoritism and put a thumb on the scales for the next presidential election," the RNC said.

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