Chuck Hagel, Fashion Icon?

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In the middle of the very serious discussion lawmakers are having over whether or not the U.S. should attack Syria, one man and his fabulous shirt are the one thing everyone can agree on. 

Chuck Hagel wore a bright magenta shirt to his Saturday morning meeting with President Obama and the rest of the cabinet. Even when hidden by a tan jacket, the shirt still stands out in a room filled with old white men in standard white shirts with a blue tie, or blue shirts with no tie. Everyone else is dressed like your boring, old dad while Hagel looks like your favorite uncle. (Secretary of State John Kerry gets points for sporting a Salmon-colored tie that would make Ross Geller proud.) 

It was a bold choice for the Defense Secretary during a tense meeting when the President supposedly informed his team that he would put the decision to strike Syria in the hands of the House, and now he's earning the admiration of many for his breaking the norm. Once the image was released, many were quick to praise Hagel's fashion. The Washington Post's Ezra Klein highlighted the "amazing" shirt while the photo quickly spread across social media: 

Knox does bring up a good point. Hagel looks like he was on his way to a tee time when he got the call to head for the White House. And who could blame him? It's a long weekend! But it seems strange that Hagel wasn't invited to join the President's late afternoon foursome, then. Maybe the President doesn't feel like he can stand next to a man with such fabulous fashion sense. 

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