The Best Conspiracy Theories About Obama's New Dog Sunny

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The Obamas got a new puppy on Monday, a black puffball named Sunny who's a Portuguese waterdog just like Bo. Sunny is a Trojan horse of cute, an adorable ball of fur on the outside that masks an insidious plot lurking at her core. Here are some of the best conspiracy theories about Sunny that the Internet has come up with in less than 24 hours. Granted, some of them might be jokes.

Sunny's real name is Sunni

Sunny? That sounds sort of close to Sunni, as in the branch of Islam, the religion some conspiracy theorists think President Obama adheres to.

(Photo by The White House via Flickr.)

Sunny is black because the Obamas are racist

"With the addition of Sunny, the Obamas now have two black Portuguese water dogs," The Daily Caller's Patrick Howley reported on Monday. "The Obamas do not have any white dogs." The Daily Caller was not alone in this assessment.

We might note that dog fur is less like human skin than like human hair, so the real outrage should be that the Obamas don't have any blonde dogs. (Photo via Pete Souza on Twitter.)

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Sunny exists to distract America from White House scandal

"Forget All the Problems With ObamaCare, There's a New White House Dog!" Kyle Drennen writes sarcastically at the conservative site NewsBusters. But Constitution Daily's Scott Bomboy writes that there's some hard data suggesting there's a bit of truth in Drennen's headline. A July 2012 article in Political Science and Politics showed "the White House has used pets since the 1960s as public relations props during times of political scandal and international tension," Bomboy writes. "The translation: the White House lets the dogs out in times of scandal and war, and sends them back to the doghouse when the economic going is tough." (Photo via Associated Press.)

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