Beau Biden Evaluated at a Cancer Center in Texas

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Joe Biden's son Beau was evaluated at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center on Tuesday after a series of medical scares. The Houston-based hospital is one of the best cancer centers in the country. He'll remain in Houston through Wednesday.

The Associated Press report, citing sources, indicates that the Bidens are hoping to rule out cancer after Beau suffered a period of disorientation last week during a family vacation. He spent some time last week at a Chicago hospital before to Philadelphia for further evaluation. He spent last weekend with his family in Wilmington, where he lives: 

Biden, 44, suffered a stroke in 2010. The VP's son tweeted a picture of himself from Houston on Tuesday morning:

His family is apparently with him in Houston as he's tested. Joe Biden is scheduled to appear in Scranton PA with the president later this week. Earlier on Tuesday, Biden indicated he was in Houston for unspecified medical tests.


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