Yet Another Woman Accuses San Diego's Mayor of Harrassment

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San Diego Mayor Bob Filner has defiantly clung to his job despite numerous accusations of sexual harassment and a lawsuit from his own city. Now another woman is adding to the charges against him; the eighth person to accuse him of similar misconduct.

Lisa Curtin, an official at San Diego City College, says that Filner made inappropriate advances toward her in 2011, when was Filner was serving in Congress. Curtin met with Filner is his office to discuss a business matter and during the brief meeting he flirted with her, touched her hand, and asked if she would go out with him even though he was aware she was married. Then, even after she rebuffed him, he tried to kiss her. Curtin says "I turned my head at that moment and on the side of my face, I got a very wet, saliva-filled kiss including feeling his tongue on my cheek."

Curtin says she contacted the San Diego County Sheriff's Department after they set up a hotline for people to report complaints against Filner. Seven other women have already come forward to make allegations of unwanted advances, kissing, and other inappropriate behavior by the mayor who has been in office less than year.

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Filner has said he will undergo therapy, but has no plans to quit his job. However, the story has progressed beyond just the tales of his boorish behavior. Filner is now being sued by his own city, which wants to force the mayor to pay for his own legal expenses that have resulted from the accusations. His former communications director has already filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against the Filner, but the mayor asked the city council to take care of his lawyer fees. They obviously declined and filed their own lawsuit, claiming that if the city is held liable for his conduct, he will have to pay them back. City attorneys will also not participate in his defense "under any circumstance." 

With the accusations piling up and his supporters dwindling, it's not clear how long Filner can hold on to his position, but like certain other politicians who can't seem to get the hint, the mayor seems determined to go down swinging or not go down at all.

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