Ted Tozer, President, Government National Mortgage Association

Tozer has spent much of his career as a housing lender in private industry, and he tries to bring the same values to his work at the Government National Mortgage Association, known as Ginnie Mae. After 30 years working in capital markets for National City Corp.'s mortgage division and a stint as chairman of the Mortgage Bankers Association's capital markets committee, he has had plenty of experience working with government housing agencies — not all of them positive. "I felt that dealing with government you were always in a position, from a customer-service standpoint, that it was the government's way or no other way," Tozer, 56, said. "I wanted to have more outreach "¦ instead of being looked at as an impediment of processes, to be looked at as an enabler." Under his leadership, the agency has consolidated certain government housing loans under its roof, all at a tumultuous time for the housing market. Tozer found his current position just as he was looking for a new challenge during Obama's first administration. Tozer sent a congratulatory e-mail to former colleague Dave Stevens, whom Obama picked to head the Federal Housing Administration, and he mused about what was next for him. Stevens replied that Tozer would be hearing from HUD Secretary Shaun Donovan about a job. Tozer was confirmed for the post in early 2010. He grew up in Iowa and has a bachelor's degree from Indiana University.