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State troopers confiscated tampons and maxi pads from people entering the Texas Senate gallery on Friday afternoon as senators began debating a controversial new abortion regulations that are almost certain to pass. However, folks with conceal-and-carry permits are allowed in with their guns, as state law allows. It seems like an unusual threat analysis, but things are different in Texas.

The tampon confiscations were initially reported by the liberal Texas blog Burnt Orange Report and others entering the state Senate. (Photos above by Shelby Alexander.) State troopers said they were taking anything that could be thrown at legislators, which included tampons, maxi pads, sugar packets, and condoms. But guns are still a go. When state Sen. Wendy Davis filibustered the abortion bill during the previous special session, uproar from the crowd helped prevent Republicans from passing the bill before deadline. They took several measures to prevent that from happening again. This time, the vote is happening with weeks to spare in the special session, and on Thursday, Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst said, "We're going to have strict enforcement. If there are any demonstrations, we are going to clear the gallery."

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