Silda Spitzer Is Reportedly Sitting Out Eliot's Campaign Because She Wants a Divorce

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Silda Spitzer is planning to divorce husband Eliot after his campaign wraps up, reports the New York Post after speaking with anonymous sources close to the couple.

The report claims that Silda, who has steered entirely clear of the limelight in recent weeks, "has had enough":

One source tells us, “Silda is telling her female friends that she is done with him. She will file for divorce after the [Nov. 5] election.”

A second source told The Post’s Sally Goldenberg, “Silda is saying she is going to wait until this is all over. She has been telling friends, ‘This is too hard. This is too rough.’ ”

Not that the news, if true, would be altogether shocking. Often remembered for her ashen-faced accompaniment at her husband's disgraced 2008 resignation, Silda has been notably absent from Eliot's current campaign, having made no public appearances by his side since he announced his run for comptroller in early July. A New York Times report has called her "deeply conflicted" and "all but invisible"; the whole narrative offers an easy contrast with Huma Abedin's arguably baffling loyalty to Anthony Weiner.

Rumored to be living apart, the Spitzers have long declined to comment on their private lives. But last night Eliot Spitzer finally admitted his wife would not be joining him on the campaign trail. 

"I think the public is going to judge me, not who else is with me or not with me," the former governor answered at a campaign stop in the Bronx. "There are other things I think the public appreciates—I’m out here fighting every day for them."

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