Senator Mark Udall's Brother Found Dead in the Rockies

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Senator Mark Udall's brother was found dead in the Rocky Mountains, a week after James "Randy" Udall was supposed to return from a solo hiking trip. The senator released a statement from his family, saying that James probably died from natural causes

"Randy left this earth doing what he loved most: hiking in his most favorite mountain range in the world. He appeared to be on the obscure, off-trail route that he had proposed to his family...The entire Udall family is touched beyond words by the tremendous outpouring of support from people around the country. Randy's passing is a reminder to all of us to live every day to its fullest, just as he did."

James, 61, was an experienced hiker who lived in Colorado and would have known the trail he was on well. He was reported missing last Friday, and crews began searching for him that afternoon, covering a 225 square-mile area. 

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