Newt Gingrich Goes to the Zoo (With Google Glass)

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Newt Gingrich tried out Google Glass today at the zoo in Peoria, Illinois. And while we've been promised a film of the noted historian's animal encounters, Gingrich delivered a few great picture tweets of himself as a preview.

Gingrich, as we've explained before, is the foremost tech prophet of our time. His embrace of Google Glass, therefore, means that the new product will, frankly, be a massive success. But until everyone else catches up, we'll have to make do with Gingrich's day at the zoo. 

The day got off to a worrying start: Newt's visit with a giraffe was charming, but notably lacking in visible Google Glass on his face: 

And then all was well. Here's Newt, wearing Google Glass, petting a turtle: 

And a bird: 

Gingrich has been planning his Google Glass trip since at least April, when he indicated in a weekly newsletter that he was thinking the zoo would be a great place for his first "experiment" with the wearable computer. 

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