Herman Cain's Email List Has A Good Deal on an Erectile Dysfunction Webinar

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Hot on the heels of conservative blogger Erick Erickson's replicated email endorsement for a get-rich-quick scheme comes a similarly questionable email ad from CainTV. The site, created by former pizza executive and presidential candidate Herman Cain, apparently sent out an ad earlier this week pitching an erectile dysfunction drug. It did not include any jokes involving the number nine.

The email was posted by DC blogger Evan Gahr, who also presented an unusually watermarked image of the email. The email informs Cain's loyal audience that "it is NOT your fault! And it is NOT natural — as we were led to believe!" Readers of the email are offered access to a webinar ("value $499") in which they will discover "#1 key reason for ED," "4 KILLERS of your manhood," and, of course, "#1 Root Cause Of Women Cheating," which is related to "earth-shaking, mind-blowing satisfaction."

There's some irony in the email offering tips on preventing your spouse from cheating, of course. Cain exited the 2012 Republican nomination process in the wake of accusations that the married entrepreneur had inappropriately harassed female colleagues. Cain insisted that the accusations were untrue.

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This is not CainTV's first foray into sponsored emails. Past emails dug out of Atlantic Wire staffers' inboxes have pitched giveaways of "Morgan dollars" and helpful tips on "The 4 Sneaky Hormones That Are Making You Fat and How to Stop Them Now." (To learn about the hormones, you need to click the links.) Each such email begins with a disclaimer that the ad is "the sort of thing that helps us pay the bills here at CainTV."

It carries no endorsement from us, but we appreciate your willingness to receive these messages occasionally so we can keep bringing you the content you enjoy from CainTV.

Last July, WNYC assessed that content.

CainTV’s programming includes some of what you’d expect: videos of Cain speaking about topics like the American Dream and Warren Buffett’s secretary (although it’s spelled “Buffet” on the website). “They think we are stupid,” Cain says at the beginning of each video. “We are not stupid,” he says in closing.

But CainTV also includes videos of a homeless man named Lewis Brown whose “mouth don’t write no checks my ass can’t cash.” The first episode in the series features Brown explaining the conflict between Arabs and Jews in Biblical terms.

More recent fare includes a (belated) review of Sharknado and conservative responses to political stories. The former candidate also provides regular audio recordings. The most recent begins:

Thought for the day: … Put some sunshine in your life! You have to put the sunshine in your life!

There is also an ad for Cain's new ebook, 999: An Army of Davids. The link to the book is broken.

In October 2011, Cain led the Republican field for the party's presidential nomination.

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