George H. W. Bush Becomes the Most Punk President In History

Bush, who ran the CIA during punk's heyday, has completed his post-presidency transition by shaving his head bald.

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George H. W. Bush — who ran the CIA during punk's heyday and was vice president of the United States when it sold out — is the most punk president that we have ever had.

He shaved his head.

Yes, he shaved his head in solidarity with a young kid who has leukemia, but it is still pretty punk.

It wasn't just Bush. He had his entire Secret Security detail also shave their heads.

The kid in the photo with Bush is Patrick. His dad is a member of that detail. The "Patrick's Pals" website explains.

For the last several years Kennebunkport has been the seasonal home of little Patrick's mom and dad. Patrick's dad, Jon, is our dear friend and co-worker from the protective detail of former President George H.W. Bush.

Earlier this spring, Patrick was diagnosed with Leukemia. While his prognosis is very positive, there will be many years of treatment ahead.

We are doing what we can to show our support and lend a helping hand to this amazing family and worthy cause.

The group is having a fundraiser in August — a motorcycle ride in Kennebunkport, the town that is the traditional summer home of the Bush family. (Which isn't very punk, admittedly.)

He jumps out of planes.

When George Bush turned 85 in 2009, he jumped out of a plane. So.

He landed on his own goddamn lawn and then kissed his wife.

He went to a Ceelo Green concert.

What punk rock is to a 19-year-old, Ceelo Green is to a guy who's almost 90. Yes, this is Ceelo with Sam Moore (of Sam & Dave), but even that is pretty edgy for a dude born in 1924.

He started the Gulf War, launching a massive operation involving ground, air, and sea troops, which forced Saddam Hussein's troops out of Kuwait over the course of about a month-and-a-half.

Which is punk.

Honorable mention: He wears colorful socks.

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