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Meghann Rosales, the 30-year-old owner of Austin-based Nails Y'all, couldn't get to the Texas state capitol on Tuesday night to support Wendy Davis's filibuster of the SB5 abortion bill. But while she was glued along with the rest of America to the Texas Tribune's live stream, she decided she wanted to stand behind the state senator turned women's-rights superstar in her own way. So she put her on her nail. "It's a small gesture but it was kind of the one thing I could do," Rosales told The Atlantic Wire in an interview Thursday afternoon.

After posting an image of her Davis-donning thumb to Tumblr (above), Rosales has drawn attention across the web for adding to the growing collection of Wendy Davis memes that have popped up since Davis's star-making political move. With Governor Ricky Perry now calling for another special session to reconsider the bill (and saying some other pretty personal stuff), Rosales also plans to host a fundraiser this coming weekend, in which she's offering SB5-themed nail art, including the Davis decals. She'll give half the proceeds to Planned Parenthood.

"Attention Austin babes: show your support for Texas women's health by finger banging Rick Perry!" read the Nails Y'All Facebook page. "Choose from exclusive Second Special Session designs: Wendy Davis decals, Pink Sneakers, Texas Our Texas Flags, Yellow Roses, Ladybits, Hands Off nail tats, and Orange You Angry." The nail art will allow those who attend to "personalize their protest," Rosales told us, adding that after putting up notice last night the fundraiser is already booked. 

Davis burst onto the national scene this week, but her presence was also welcome for Rosales, who had been following the fate of the SB5 bill, which would but a ban on abortion after 20 weeks and drastically reduce the number of abortion clinics in the state. "Being a young women in Texas, utilizing Planned Parenthood we get bombarded by these terrible Rick Perry messages," she said. "It's on the mind a lot." It's also, now, on her nails. 

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