Obama and Xi Shake Hands, Sleep Under Different Roofs

The summit between Presidents Obama and the recently-elected Xi Jinping began today.

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That possibly-awkward summit between Presidents Obama and the recently-elected Xi Jinping began today, with the two leaders shaking hands before heading in to the Sunnylands estate for "informal talks."

Though the leaders are smiling in the above photo, there's reason to believe that there's plenty of tension between them. While Obama is staying at Sunnylands during the summit ("presumably in the canary yellow master bedroom where speakers pipe in the songs of the birds outdoors," The New York Times says), Xi decided to stay at a nearby Hyatt, where he was met by protestors and supporters. While housing the Chinese delegation of over 200 people is great for the hotel, it seems a bit odd that Xi is giving Sunnylands the cold shoulder. Surely there's plenty of room for him in the 25,000 square foot home with 22 guest bedrooms?

Or maybe he's afraid of being spied on:

After the last three days, I can't really blame him.

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