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The New York Times editorial board is furious. In an 1,100-word piece posted this afternoon, the paper lashes out at the Obama administration and its allies for the reliance on secret surveillance and the useless explanations that follow. It's such a remarkable and robust excoriation of the White House and its Congressional enablers that we thought it deserved something special.

Here, excerpted in the position in which they appear in the article, are the Times' most cutting dismissals of the president, of the PATRIOT Act, and of those in Congress who excuse and rationalize the collection of private data. We have censored those sentences that don't meet that standard.

Now, for context, go read the entire thing.

Update, 8:05 p.m.: If you've noticed that the second paragraph seems different than the current Times editorial, that's because it is. The paper modified the line "the administration has lost all credibility" to include "on this issue."

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