Chris Christie's 'Self-Serving' Corruption Makes Jon Stewart Miss Home

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Jon Stewart found himself baffled, on last night's Daily Show, by Chris Christie's decision to hold an expensive special election to fill the seat of the late Senator Frank Lautenberg, since the October vote would only afford a replacement three extra weeks on the job than one on Election Day.

"Three weeks of work in the Senate is basically 28 lobbyist meet and greets, 14 days of old-man smell acclimation, and six filibusters," Stewart said. "You're paying four million dollars a week. What are you up to, Christie?"  

Well, it was all about Christie, of course. His decision to go with the special election made sure that he wasn't on the ballot at the same time as Cory Booker, who may drive votes toward Christie's Democratic opponent. 

"Oh my God, that is such a self-serving, corrupt, abuse of power," Stewart said. "I miss New Jersey so much. It's just hard to see a corrupt abuse of power and not think about home. " 


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