Oprah Pushes for Background Checks at Harvard Commencement

Listen up, America: Oprah wants background checks. 

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Listen up, America: Oprah wants background checks. Her commencement address at Harvard today dipped into the political a couple of times, but her stance on gun control will likely garner the most attention.

Here's what she said, to applause from the crowd:

"We understand that the vast majority of people in this country believe in stronger background checks because they realize that we can uphold the Second Amendment and reduce the violence that is robbing us of our children. They don't have to be incompatible."

As we've explained before, background checks are widely supported by the American population, but politically stalled in the legislature (for now).

Winfrey, who was also awarded an honorary doctorate from the institution, also told Harvard's graduates to stop watching CNN, essentially: 

"We all know that we are better than the cynicism and the pessimism that is regurgitated throughout Washington and the 24-hour cable news cycle -- not my channel, by the way."

And Gayle King was on hand to Instagram the whole thing, though she's clearly still learning how to use it.

You can watch the whole speech below:

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