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President Obama looked slightly ridiculous with a somber Marine holding an umbrella for him during a press conference with Turkish Prime Minister Recep Erdogan on Thursday. "Why don't we get a couple of Marines?" the president asked, as a slight rain continued to fall in the Rose Garden. "They're going to look good next to us."

Their boss, not so much.

Indeed, there is something especially funny about seeing the most powerful people on Earth undone by weather just like the rest of us plebes. In honor of today's meteorological meme at the White House, here are some of the best photos of presidents who, despite the claims of conspiracy theorists, still haven't gotten the Pentagon to invent a weather machine.

While campaigning in Virginia in July, Obama got so soaked you could see what type of undershirt he wears:

George W. Bush seems to have preferred to handle his own umbrellas. However, he was not a very good umbrella holder. In June 2004:

In May 2005:

His reaction time was too slow in May 2007:

Bill Clinton running in the rain in November 1992:

Those thighs must have been ice cold.

Clinton awkwardly holds an umbrella for Ted Kennedy in May 1994:

Of all the presidents photographed in the rain, George H. W. Bush often looked the funniest. In July 1989:

And five months later:

Ronald Reagan looking delighted to be in the rain in 1980:

And deeply unhappy in 1983:

Jimmy Carter fleeing from the rain across the White House lawn in 1977:

In 1960, Richard Nixon pledged to campaign in all 50 states. He was not even rewarded for this foolishness with nice weather in Hawaii.

Even amid his staff and security, Nixon looks like a lonely man helpless against the elements.

(Photo via Associated Press.)

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