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President Obama answered a question about Benghazi during a press conference with British Prime Minister David Cameron on Monday, and hi-def photos reveal that some moisture traveled from the president's eye area to his cheekbone in a thin stream. Was it a tear? It certainly looks like a tear.

These photos from Reuters revealing Obama's epiphora raise new and troubling questions. Is Obama so mad about what he called the Benghazi "sideshow" that he needs to have a good cry about it? Or does President Obama have previously undisclosed allergies that could seriously hamper his performance as commander in chief?

Does Obama wear contacts, a sign of a different, but also undisclosed, medical problem? No: he has 20/20 vision, but a mild astigmatism and presbyopia. So was Obama's mind on something else — something very sad, like when the dinosaur mom dies in Land Before Time — causing the president to be emotionally crippled and unable to do his job?

(Above photos via Reuters.)

The tear is not visible in the Associated Press's version.

Thus far, we only have evidence of a single tear. This would make allergies more likely — perhaps Obama's eyes watered because he's trying out a new undereye cream. These closeups show Obama's getting pretty wrinkly.

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