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Meet Bryan R. Holloway. He represents North Carolina's 91st District in the state House of Representatives. According to his "background," he's a Republican, Christian, married to a woman named Misti, taught at a high school for four years, his parents were a cattle and chicken farmer and an elementary school teacher's assistant, and he graduated from Appalachian State University. His biography even mentions that one of his grandparents was a highway patrolman. What it doesn't mention is that he ran a blog called Wasp 101. At least, that's what Ivy Style and Complex seem to think, and they've offered up some pretty convincing evidence.

Wasp 101 was written by "Richard," who never showed his face, either obscuring it or shooting photos of his preppy sartorial choices from the neck down. For whatever reason (Complex notes that an Ivy Style commenter said the blog "objectifies women" and "is condescending towards working folks"), Wasp 101 was not well-liked in the prep blog community (which exists, apparently), leading to hater blogs and one anonymous Ivy Style source whose "obsession" with taking Wasp 101 down and unmasking Richard has lead us to this: the very strong likelihood that he is none other than Bryan R. Holloway.

Here's some of the evidence that Richard and Bryan R. Holloway are one and the same:

  • "Richard" is Bryan R. Holloway's middle name
  • They're the same age and have the same birthday
  • Both Richard and Holloway have a dachshund named Governor
  • They own the same watch
  • Their front stoops look really similar. Like, identical.
  • The Wasp 101 blog was removed as soon as Ivy Style started asking Holloway's office questions
  • They have the same suit. Holloway is on the left, Richard on the right: 

Here is the evidence that Richard and Bryan R. Holloway are not the same person:

The story will surely continue to develop, as both Ivy Style and Complex rightly find it to be hilarious.

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