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Senator John McCain secretly crossed the border to meet with Syrian rebels on Monday. The trip was apparently so under wraps that the congressman's own daughter ended up learning about it on Twitter: 

McCain, according to the Daily Beast story on the trip, stayed in the country for several hours, meeting with rebel leaders from across the county. They asked him for weapons, and they gave the senator information on alleged chemical weapons attacks in the country (information that, as we noted earlier today, seems to be backed up by a Le Monde report on chemical weapons use in the country). He's the most senior U.S. official to visit Syria since conflict began there. U.S. Ambassador Robert Ford also visited the country earlier this month. 

Meghan McCain followed up her shocked tweet with a supportive clarification: 

But the senator's daughter wasn't the only author of a notable tweet about McCain's trip. Here's Senator Lindsey Graham (who, granted, isn't exactly a  political enemy of McCain), being super classy about the whole thing: 


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