Marco Rubio Won't Please Everyone, and Not Everyone in the GOP Is Very Pleased

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There is only so much Marco Rubio will do to placate conservatives who oppose immigration reform. In an op-ed for today's Wall Street Journal, the Florida senator lists the many ways the "gang of eight" have incorporated "the true wisdom of the nation" into their immigration bill. There will be more border security. The path to citizenship will be even harder. But you can't please everyone. Rubio writes:

Of course, there are those who will never support immigration reform no matter what changes we make. Even if we address every concern they raise, they will likely come up with new ones. They have a long list of complaints but typically never offer a solution of their own.

Rubio told Sean Hannity's radio show Thursday that without stronger border security measures, "This bill will not pass the House and, quite frankly, I think, may struggle to pass the Senate if it doesn't deal with that issue, so we've got some work to do on that front." That's only one of the many conservative complaints about the bill. Ann Coulter suggested it would merely create millions of new Democratic voters. Texas Sen. Ted Cruz opposes a path to citizenship. The National Review's latest cover, at right, is not a great one for the senator. The Washington Examiner notes just winning the Latino vote won't necessarily win presidential elections. Rubio has been touring conservative talk radio, and not every host has been convinced. Rubio's op-ed says that while he'll listen to upset voters, there's only so much criticism from professional conservatives he'll put up with.

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