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In continuing to address what he has now dubbed Hurricane Scandy, Jon Stewart had to admit on last night's Daily Show that conservatives were onto something with their criticism of the Obama administration in the midst of IRS and Benghazi dust-ups. He called the GOP victorious, with Mitch McConnell as Biggie! He even proposed teaming up with Fox News! But you know who still doesn't get to take a Republican victory lap? Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney. Rumsfeld, for instance, has said that the narrative of the Benghazi attack being related to a YouTube video rather conveniently fit into the narrative the Obama administration had hoped it would. That gave Stewart something to go on: "Rumsfeld is German for promoting a narrative because it fits your hopes and what you want to be the case," Stewart explained. And Cheney, who's been talking cover-up, is not allowed to use the "L word," Stewart said. (The "L word" being or relating to lies.) 

"History didn't start Friday and Obama administration transgressions don't wipe away yours which are many und grievous," Stewart said. "So enjoy watching your friends have their fun, but Tweedle Dick and Tweedle Rum don't get to join the party." It's like how Mike Tyson doesn't get to make fun of someone's tattoo, Stewart concluded. 


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