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People are so mean when Republicans try to highlight there are actual young people who like the GOP. Hardly any cool bands will let Republicans play their music. When Republicans point out a song has a conservative message, the artist jumps in to dispute that analysis. To help it connect with the youngs, last month the National Republican Congressional Committee announced it would create a BuzzFeed-style site with OMG LOL WTF lists to promote their conservative message. On Sunday, the NRCC's site was hacked, and the content was replaced with spam ads about Viagra and Cialis. In other words, the hackers attacked Republicans' young people website with spam directed at the GOP's traditional demographic, old men. After first being spotted on Sunday, the site was fixed Monday morning, and their regularly-scheduled attempted viral content has returned. "7 Tweets That Show Just How Painful Obama’s Press Conference Was" is "trending." 

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