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Anthony Weiner's problem might be that while his wife Huma Abedin, a longtime aide to Hillary Clinton, is a Clinton friend, he isn't. Weiner will announce he's running for New York City mayor sometime this week, but he won't get the Clintons' official support or endorsement, Politico's Maggie Haberman reports. The official reason? There are just so many good candidates in the race. Hillary's spokesman says she "knows all of the candidates, she has worked with many of them, and is close with many of them, so won’t be weighing in one way or the other. Bill's spokesman says he "has too many friends in this race who have been good to him and his family." In April, Weiner said of the Clintons, "their whole family has been remarkably supportive of ours," indicating he thought they might offer some support. But Haberman reported that Weiner hadn't given Clinton a heads up that his name was mentioned.

"The Clintons wish Weiner would just disappear," an anonymous Democratic source told the New York Post earlier this month. "Every time he pops up, it's a reminder of Bill's scandal with Monica Lewinsky, and it isn't helpful to Hillary's hopes for 2016." Weiner and the former president have in common a sex scandal and a craving for adoration on Twitter.

One Clinton friend in the race is Bill de Blasio, who was Hillary's campaign manager when she ran for Senate in 2000. Other candidates include City Council speaker Christine Quinn, who would be New York's first openly gay mayor, and former city comptroller Bill Thompson, who would be the city's second black mayor. Politico reports Weiner will get in the race Tuesday or Wednesday.

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