Is There More to the Anthony Weiner Scandal Than Even He Knows?

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The Anthony Weiner Image Rehab-Apology Tour picked up more steam this week, but when asked if his sexting scandal was truly over and done with, Weiner didn't exactly shut the door on the idea. Weiner sat down for interviews with all three of the local network affliates in New York on Wednesday to talk about his scandal, his very forgiving wife, and his thoughts about running for mayor.

All three asked him some variation on the most obvious question—what the heck were you thinking?—and to Weiner's credit he managed to not give the same soundbite to each interviewer. Here's how he handled it for each network.

But when the NBC interview asked a followup question about whether there are other details we maybe don't know yet, Weiner didn't dismiss the idea out of handHere's the full passage (with video below).

"Is there more stuff out there? Look, some of these people who are at the other end of these things, their lives have been turned upside down. Some of them have come forward willing and shared things. I can tell you that some things may come out that are true; some things are not. But here's where I'm going to try and draw the line. Basically New Yorkers know the story. I did it. I did it with multiple people. These things were wrong and inappropriate and I never should have been dishonest about them."

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Maybe there are so many details that Weiner just forgot some them? (We've certainly tried to forget most of them.) And the last thing he wants to do is get caught in another lie. But the tantalizing, disturbing possibility of a second wave of scandal is enough to keep political watchers on (very) high alert. Especially since it's now more clear than ever that Weiner is hoping to be New York's next mayor. The only thing he mentioned more than the scandal in Wednesday's interviews was the "middle class," and with a new Twitter account and full-court media press on full display—and the primary just a short summer away—the intensity of the campaign is only going to go up.

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