'The Bible' Would Have Fit Right in at Fox News

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Rupert Murdoch wanted Fox News to air The Bible, the hit miniseries on History with an Obama-esque Satan. Murdoch wanted the miniseries to run on a News Corp. channel—he just couldn't figure out how to fit it in among all the comedies, murder shows, and talent contests, the Los Angeles Times's Joe Flint reports. So Murdoch and Fox chief Roger Ailes planned on running The Bible on Fox News Sunday nights, presumably instead of Huckabee reruns. They thought it would appeal to its "older and more conservative audience," Flint reports. Alas, it didn't work out. News Corp. and The Bible's producers, including Survivor bigwig Mark Burnett, couldn't come to an agreement on the money or the rights.

This is an unsettling revelation. Usually we can count on the Bible being represented on Fox News in a big way. Fox often has an explicitly Christian message. There was the "War on Christmas," the time Varney & Co. played the Christian song "Our God Is an Awesome God," the time Fox declared "NBC Declares War on Christians," the time Bill O'Reilly condemned Catholics for voting for Obama as a sign of "creeping secularism on the religious vote." Here's hoping the absence of The Bible is not a sign of creeping secularism at Fox News.


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