Looks Like Obama's Cabinet Will Finally Get a Little Diversity

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Anonymous government sources revealed on Sunday night that Charlotte mayor Anthony Foxx will soon be nominated to replace Ray LaHood as the new Transportation Secretary. If confirmed, Foxx will be the first black person to serve on the Obama's cabinet. He'd also be the first black person even nominated. This news should come as a welcome surprise to critics who think that the president's administration is just a bunch of old white men. They think that because it's true, with just a couple of exceptions

It's immediately obvious that Obama wouldn't pick Foxx just for his race, though. The 41-year-old is something of a whiz kid when it comes to transportation and is currently as the deputy general of a hybrid bus manufacturer DesignLine. Foxx is also responsible for jazzing up Charlotte's infrastructure, adding a modern electric tram system, expanding the airport and extending the city's light rail system. These are a few reasons that early reports that Foxx was in the running for the top job at the DOT made so much sense. Foxx's not running for reelection as mayor is also a clear signal that he's up for something bigger. 

As we all know, none of this is final until Obama formally nominates Foxx. Then we have to sit through the confirmation process, and LaHood has to say so long. Only then can Foxx dig in and do whatever environmentally friendly thing that people must be anticipating. Heck, he might even do something with that $53 billion high speed railroad project that Obama used to talk about. Remember that?

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