Let's All Support John Boehner and His 'Really Cool' New Son-in-Law

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The children of politicians are often not as cautious and conservative as we might expect, or as their parents might like them to be. And House Speaker John Boehner's 35-year-old daughter Lindsay is getting married next month in Florida to Dominic Lakhan, who doesn't seem like the boring blue blazer-wearing type you see so much in Washington. The National Enquirer, which is a tabloid but occasionally very reliable on marital matters, reported Wednesday that Lakhan was pulled over in Florida in 2006. "Upon making contact with the driver," the police report says, according to the Enquirer, "officer ob­served in plain view a 16 oz. Natural Lite beer can opened in the driver door." He also smelled weed, searched the car, and found 2 grams of cannabis. Lakhan was reportedly charged with a misdemeanor. The Enquirer writes, "Jamaican-born Lakhan, who resembles reggae leg­end Bob Marley..." and that is stupid, because he does not look like Bob Marley at all. 

Lindsay and Dominic are probably a lovely couple. You can see their registry at Macy's (the Williams Sonoma one is locked), and they are asking for lovely wedding gifts, such as an apple, a plastic honey bear, and a gas mask. Just kidding, they've asked for — and someone has purchased! — a pistachio-colored KitchenAid mixer, as well as an attractive modern tea kettle, some simple tableware, and other typical wedding stuff. Still available for purchase is a not-so-romantic steam mop with removable hand-held steamer. Sounds a little boring for a couple described by neighbors, according to the gossip site Gossip Extra, as "really cool."

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