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The whole political world is baffled Ashley Judd might run for Senate in Kentucky against Mitch McConnell in 2014. She's a dupe, being used by Democrats to raise money even though her campaign is doomed, New York's Jonathan Chait says. She says so many dumb Hollywood things that her country brethren will reject her -- "Using the word 'winter' as a verb is almost never a good thing in politics, particularly at a time when many people in Kentucky and across the country continue to struggle with a halting economic recovery," wrote The Washington Post's Chris Cillizza. The Daily Caller is trying to turn her into its own fake-celebrity nemesis in which every thing Judd does is news because she did it. Why would Judd ever consider such a thing? Doesn't she know senatorial candidates from red states absolutely cannot​ own "psychological support dogs"??? Probably. But Judd, being a sentient American, probably also knows that her candidacy would not be without precedent. As Judd contemplates a possible political run and her own doubts and the doubts of others, we could understand if some of these images popped into her head.

U.S. Senator Al Franken of Minnesota


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Former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura



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The Late U.S. Representative Sonny Bono of California


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Former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger

You know the hits. Let's just linger on the time "ARNOLD IS NUMERO UNO" in weed smoking:


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Former U.S. Senator Fred Thompson of Tennessee

You might know Thompson often plays the gruff guy on cops shows. Did you know he also played a role on the Richard Nixon White House tapes? That role was "person Richard Nixon thinks is an idiot."


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Former U.S. Senator Scott Brown of Massachusetts


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Two-time U.S. Senate Candidate Linda McMahon of Connecticut

A different video than Ventura.

2012: A pretty decent finish -- 43.2 percent to Democrat Chris Murphy's 55.2 percent -- given that Mitt Romney lost to President Obama in the state 40.7 percent to 58 percent.

(Photos via News 8; chart via Real Clear Politics.)

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