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The New York Times decided it was time for their bi-monthly check-in with Clinton aides to see how close the former Secretary of State is to running for the nation's highest office. Come on, shouldn't she know by now?

It is pretty rude for her to keep us waiting for so long. It hasn't even been six months since the November election and we still don't know what her plans are for 2016. People are always saying she's totally going to run for President, OK? But people are also always saying she's totally not going to run for President, OK? (And of those two posts, which do you think got more traffic? Exactly.) But Hillary is also supporting gay marriage and her former staff set up a Super PAC in her name, which some think lends some credence to at least asking the question.

And, everyone, guess what?! She still doesn't know! Her aides seem pretty sick of having to answer this question. When it's for the Times' Jim Rutenberg they can let their hair down a little and say how tired they are of answering the question, though. Take a cue from one of Clinton's closest confidantes, Phillip Raines

“There’s this kind of, ‘I’m telling you a secret that she told me secretly,’ but there’s no secret to tell,” said Mrs. Clinton’s longtime communications aide, Philippe Reines. “Everyone’s gotten way ahead of themselves, and most importantly, they have gotten way ahead of her.”

Venting the frustration of all veterans of Clinton politics and the intrigue that constantly surrounds them, he added, “What’s that acronym, WYSIWYG? What you see is what you get.”

So did we all catch that? Hillary still doesn't know and we should all probably stop asking or tea leaf reading until she tells us, because she'll tell us, when she knows for sure. Until then everyone should probably cool their jets a little. This is all a little ludicrous. As Rutenberg points out, the Iowa caucuses are 33 months away. That's more than two and a half years, to put it more plainly. People are driving the Hillary 2016 mobile in fourth or fifth gear when it should be in second or first gear. Shift down, y'all.

But if Hillary does enter the race, she will have more money than she could possibly imagine, according to one of her former campaign advisers. "I’ve talked to a number of donors who are willing to write whatever they’re permitted to write to a presidential campaign, and certainly to write very big money to any sort of 'super PAC' that would be supportive of her," Harold M. Ickes, a former Clinton campaign adviser and Obama Super Pac moneyman, told Rutenberg. "They’re just saying to me, 'Whenever she’s ready, we’re ready.'"

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