Maybe George W. Bush Is the Dog in His Dog Paintings

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A dozen more paintings by former President George W. Bush have been revealed, meaning we're getting closer to seeing his entire dog-painting oeuvre. Bush's art teacher says he's painted more than 50 dogs. After careful study of Bush's work, we are forced to consider the theory that Bush is the dogs.

Someone calling him- or herself Guccifer hacked into Bush's email, and, starting in February, has sent the stolen images to reporters in batches. Gawker's Max Read, in the week of the tenth anniversary of the start of the Iraq War, has published two more sets. None depict the Iraq war or his presidency. At least not explicitly.

Only two of Bush's paintings, so far, appear to be self-portraits. He's in the bath in both, and his face is hidden. But maybe we can see Bush in the dog's faces. Dogs -- thinking, feeling, social creatures -- are unable to talk. Bush struggled to express himself. After the 2008 election, Bush told CNN, "I regret saying some things I shouldn't have said." Like what? "Like 'dead or alive,' 'bring 'em on.' … My wife reminded me that, Hey you're president of the United States. You'd better be careful what you say. I mean I was trying to convey a message. I probably could have conveyed it more artfully."

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Take, for example, what appears to be a young golden lab/ beagle mix at right. Look at his eyes. He's trying to tell us something. He's feeling something very deeply. He's looking into the distance -- maybe into history? Bush has long said he thinks history will be the judge of his presidency. 

There are other Bush paintings -- landscapes, still lifes. He seems to have really nailed purple grapes.

But it's the dog pictures that really speak to Bush's personality. (Note the political matroyshka dolls and a "JESUS" wood carving in the background.)

In no painting is is it more obvious that Bush is the dogs than in this one, in which a terrier contemplates the White House from outside the gates. Bush is now cut off from the job and the home that defined him. 

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