Joe Biden Finally Tells Us What It's Really Like to Be Joe Biden

Vice President Biden at the Whitehall Neck Sportsman Club's Wild Game Dinner, March 4, 2013. (White House/David Lienemann) (National Journal)

If there's one thing Joe Biden knows, it's how to oblige the Internet. We already have The Onion's 'Diamond' Joe Biden, we've had Google's "Buy a Shotgun" Joe Biden. And now, as of Thursday afternoon, the White House has given us "Being Biden," a website about, well, being Joe Biden.

The website is the home of a new audio series where the vice president will "tell the story behind a photo — of where he was, why the picture matters to him, and how the experience fits into the broader narrative of this administration." Go to the page, and the veep greets you with a head size that's too big for the laptop screens of these writers.

It's an interesting piece of public outreach (or public art installation), not to mention a chance for Biden to revel in his self-appointed position of liaison to the common man. Not a bad platform to have for a guy who's reportedly considering a run for the top office in 2016.

In the first audio installation, Biden explains a photo taken at a gathering of hunters:

{{ BIZOBJ (photo: 27202) }}

Definitely not a bad choice of photo for explanation. Why the tongs? Why is the man with the tray so seemingly nonplussed?

But we could think of a few more photos we'd prefer to get the real backstory on.

{{ BIZOBJ (photo: 22195) }}

We're sure Ira Glass and the This American Life team would do a fine job giving us an emotional yarn about "Troll"'s America, but only Joe knows what is really happening in this photo.

{{ BIZOBJ (photo: 22150) }}

Dukes up! But why?

{{ BIZOBJ (photo: 22193) }}

Just what does the (apparently) most amazing infant on earth feel like?

{{ BIZOBJ (photo: 22265) }}

Just two guys taking in a game. Or is it?

{{ BIZOBJ (photo: 22267) }}

Is the vice president really trying to hail a taxi with an ice cream cone? Does he know that you can't, in fact, do that?

There are Internet treasures here. We can only hope that the vice president delivers.