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Christine Quinn made the obvious official Sunday morning: she's going to run for Mayor of New York City. She will potentially be the first lady and first openly LBGT person to rule the city that never sleeps. In a move that should surprise no one who observes these things, Quinn made the unsurprising announcement official this morning with a video announcement on her website

The video features Quinn telling the world about her middle class upbringing, and how her father taught her the importance of unions for New York City families. Quinn almost cried telling us what her mother, who fought breast cancer for ten years, taught her about not leaving anyone behind.  

"Today I'm announcing -- making it official! -- that I'm running for Mayor of New York City," Quinn says in the video. "I'm running because I love this city."

Quinn's formality really isn't that surprising. She's been the clear frontrunner for a minute now, having already garnered plenty of press coverage, including a cover story from New York magazine. The New York Times' Michael Grynbaum notes her announcement video left out one very important point about Quinn: that she's a married, openly out lesbian. Quinn married her partner, Kim Catullo, last year. 

"I’m about keeping New York City a place for the middle class to live and grow," Quinn says. "I’m not about talking, and fingerpointing and complaining. I’m about getting things done."

Quinn is embarking on a walking tour through New York City today. She's already been through Manhattan and the Bronx, and was heading for Queens last we checked. She's telling people along the way what she hopes to do for them:

Quinn enters the race a heavy favorite in the polls, and also as the favorite of outgoing Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Her competition for the Democratic representation so far consists of a pair of Bills: former comptroller Bill Thompson, and public advocate Bill de Blasio. Current comptroller John Liu is also expected to enter the race. On the Republican side, Joe Lhota is expected to be the candidate with former Mayor Rudy Giuliani's support.

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