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Following an awful scandal in which a bunch of Secret Service agents were busted for drinking and partying with hookers in Columbia, the President is moving towards a "culture change" by appointing the first woman ever to run his security detail. 

The Washington Post's Scott Wilson reports Obama will name Julia Pierson, 55 and a 30-year Secret Service veteran, the new director of the agency later this afternoon. Officials told Wilson it was an effort to bring a "culture change" to the notorious boys club reputation the Secret Service has earned over the years. 

Last April, a scandal erupted when a group of male Secret Service officers partied like maniacs at the Hotel Caribe in Cartagena, Colombia ahead of the President's arrival for a diplomatic visit. One agent named Arthur Huntington allegedly tried to pay $50 for an $800 bill, but it wasn't at the bar. It was with a call girl. Oh, and it was a woman who was left to handle that mess, too. Nine agents eventually left or lost their jobs. Former Secret Service director Mark Sullivan announced his retirement last month.

As an aside, the Post screwed up their announcement originally. Their initial headline read that Pierson would be appointed CIA director, meaning John Brennan was suddenly out of a job. That prompted this response from one Post writer: 


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