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Michael Bloomberg knows how to throw one heck of a metaphorical right hand. In his latest move in the fight for stricter gun control laws, the New York City Mayor's Demand a Plan initiative released their Super Bowl ad Sunday morning and it goes right after the NRA. The 30-second spot splices together photos of adorable children, with a child's voiceover saying, "the NRA once supported background checks." Then: a shot of NRA CEO and executive vice president Wayne Lapierre speaking with Congress in 1999 and explicitly stating that the NRA supports background checks, a position the NRA has since conveniently changed their mind on. "America can do this for us," says a child's voice, with more pictures of kids playing in the background. "Please." This is a less star-studded, simpler ad than the one they made with Beyonce (and half of Hollywood), but it is still an effective message that the NRA is desperate in the fight against the gun control. 

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