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Marco Rubio has to shadow everything the President does these days. The potential Republican 2016 hopeful was the official State of the Union rebutter earlier this week. On Saturday morning, Rubio announced he is embarking on week long trip to Israel, just like the President. 

Rubio (and his wife) will travel to Israel and Jordan over the next six days on official business of the Senate Intelligence and Foreign Relations Committee. (Don't worry, she's paying out of pocket.) Rubio plans to meet with King Abdullah in Jordan, and President Shimon Peres and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to talk about "various areas of mutual interest, including the Israeli-Palestinian peace process," in Israel. 

It's been a little more than a week since the President announced his own spring trip to Israel. It will be the first time he visits the country since becoming President. For Rubio, this previously unannounced trip will be his second time visiting the country. It's coming at a time when the Florida Senator is increasingly becoming a visible leader in the Republican party. This no more evident than on Tuesday night when Rubio delivered the Republican party's official response to the State of the Union. Watch for this point-counterpoint between Rubio and Obama to continue for a long, long time. With occasional breaks for water

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