Jon Stewart Looks to Cure the GOP's Benghazi Fever

Is there a way to calm Republican obsession with the attacks in Libya? If so, the Daily Show host hasn't found one.

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Is there a cure for the GOP's obsession with the September 2012 attacks in Benghazi, Libya? If so, Jon Stewart hasn't found one. On last night's Daily Show, he took the Senate's GOP caucus to task for successfully filibustering the confirmation of Chuck Hagel — thereby delaying the installment of President Obama's nominee for Secretary of Defense — and threatening (via South Carolina Senator Lindsay Graham) to wage war against John Brennan, Obama's pick for CIA Director, if President Obama himself refuses to testify about Benghazi. "Hagel's got nothing to do with Benghazi!," Stewart pleaded. "Which is as good as any other reason I've heard to confirm him!"

Watch Stewart's segment below:

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