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The two newest targets of John McCain's barbs over the attack on the Benghazi are the outgoing Secretary of Defense and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, who McCain essentially called a liar. Leon Panneta and General Martin Dempsey came before the Senate Armed Services Committee on Thursday, in the latest attempt to get to the bottom of what happened in Libya last September 11. When it was McCain's turn to answer he lashed out at Dempsey, for seemingly ignoring the warning signs that the Benghazi consulate was in danger.

For you testify our posture did not allow a rapid response, our posture was not there because we didn't take into account the threats to that consulate. And that's why four Americans died. ... For you to testify before this committee that they were consistent with available threat estimates is simply false. That our military was appropriately responsive ... What would have been an inappropriate response?"

McCain and fellow Senator Lindsey Graham continue to lead the charge on this issue, grilling everyone who comes before them, including both the new and old Secretary of State, the next Secretary of Defense, and maybe even the CIA chief if they get their hands on. (Graham was pretty harsh on Panetta as well, suggesting he and President Obama were not on the same page that night.) We admire their dogged determination on something they clearly care about, even if telling a four-star general that you don't believe a word he's saying is not a very good look.

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