Watch Live: John Brennan's CIA Confirmation Hearing

President Obama's top counterterrorism advisor faced the Senate Intelligence Committee today.

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President Obama's top counterterrorism advisor is facing the Senate Intelligence Committee today and you can watch live below. As you should know by now, if you've been following our previous coverage of John Brennan's confirmation fight to become the next CIA director, the session is expected to focus his oversight of the U.S. government's unmanned drone program, and its operations to assassinate terrorists around the globe.

In particular, there will be many questions about the stories that have leaked this week involving administration legal opinions on the Constitutionality of killing American citizens overseas without a trial. As a former CIA officer and the President's closest advisor on the subject, he's become the most important figure involved in this controversial policy and many of the Senators, both Republicans and Democrats, are eager to question him about it. If his pre-hearing questionnaire is any indication, there will also be talk of leaks, government oversight, and the "militarization" of the agency.

Update: After Code Pink protestors disrupted the hearing, Brennan walked the line on torture.

You can allow follow along on C-SPAN (web and television) or watch the livestream below, courtesy of CBS News.

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