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Don't read too far into this, but Hillary Clinton's 2008 presidential campaign organization, Hillary Clinton for President, has finally paid its debts and closed its doors. Documents filed with the Federal Election Committee (FEC) on Monday confirm as much, and the transfer of the old organization's leftover cash to a new organization, Friends of Hillary, make the transaction complete. At $102,797, the surplus funds are nothing to scoff at, but they're certainly a long ways off from the billion or so dollars Hillary would need for a full fledged presidential campaign in 2016. But please, before we go any further, let us remind you once again: Don't read too far into this. The fabled Hillary 2016 campaign is still a fable at this point and a fable without an ending at that.

That doesn't mean that Hillary's not up to some pretty curious fun, since she left her post at the helm of the State Department a few days ago. Presumably in the same motion as disbanding her old presidential committee, Hillary also launched a new website: What a curious URL! Does this mean she's going to run for the nation's highest office in three years? Who knows. Twitter certainly though that was the obvious conclusion. After all, the news came just a couple of days after a new super PAC called "Ready for Hillary" launched its website and filed paperwork with the FEC. "Our purpose is simple: we are ready to work for Hillary to be president when she is ready to run," the super PAC's chairwoman Allida Black told the Center for Public Integrity. Black and Ready for Hillary are joined by the Hillary Clinton Super PAC, which was formed on January 10 in Iowa.

Third time's the charm on this reminder: Don't read too far into any of this. Hillary's said very explicitly that she is not running for president in 2016. "I feel it's time for me to get off the high wire," are her exact words. "Then why is she doing all this election-like stuff?" you might ask. Well, she's not doing it, for one thing. Those super PACs are necessarily distanced from the potential candidate, and last we checked, Hillary was not a web developer, so that new website — which is just a picture of Hillary and a contact form, by the way — must've come from supporters, too. Maybe she did ask somebody to make it for her, but figuring out why is such a futile exercise. After all, lots of people have their own websites these days. There's an entire startup dedicated to building "Contact Me" sites just like the one Hillary just unveiled.

Nevertheless, believers are going to believe, and Allida Black is a believer. "I have no doubt she's gonna run," says Black. "She knows there's this huge groundswell. She sees the challenges. She's not gonna say no. Not because of her, but because of us." Funnily enough, this is how the first male president of the United States was elected, as well. 

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