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Former New York City mayor Ed Koch died early Friday morning, and everyone's still in mourning, but Koch's verified Twitter account is going strong, retweeting some of the fondest memories of the mayor. Here's what Koch's Twitter stream looks like right now:

That's charming. And sorta creepy. But charming. After all, Twitter is one of the ways real people talk to us now, and Koch's account was verified and everything: 

The last tweet from the account that wasn't a retweet seems to be from over a month ago:

The account didn't start up again until late Thursday. It's likely that Koch's staff are manning the account — not unlike the way President Obama's staffers and other politicians and celebrities have helpers handle their social-media presences for them. And if you can get over the creepy part of watching Ed Koch RT stuff about his own death, it's actually a fun to remember the mayor — 140 character-style. 

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