It's Official: Chuck Hagel Will Be Named Secretary of Defense

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After John Kerry was appointed Secretary of State, the worst kept secret surrounding Obama's new cabinet has been Chuck Hagel's appointment to Secretary of Defense. It's coming now, for certain, on Monday. 

Politico's Mike Allen reports that Obama is settled on Hagel for Secretary of Defense and will announce as much on Monday, his first official day back in Washington after resuming his vacation that was interrupted by the fiscal cliff. Reuters confirmed it with a democratic aide. NBC News, Foreign Policy and The Daily Beast previously reported it was nearly a done deal on Friday. 

So now comes the looming fight from opposition groups opposed to Hagel's nomination. Since Hagel's name first came up, he's drawn a wealth of opposition for his views on everything from Israel, to Iran, to gay rights. LBGT groups are calling for Hagel to "lay out demonstrable actions" to show his support by extending benefits for same-sex military couples. Whatever happens, the reaction once the President makes the announcement will surely be entertaining. 

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