Watch Conservatives Hate-Watching Obama's Second Inauguration

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If you didn't want President Obama to be reelected, inauguration day might be the worst day to watch TV -- all networks broadcasting a massive over-the-top ceremony celebrating Obama's victory while reporters fawn over his wife's bangs and his daughters' coats. It's like watching your most-hated team celebrate winning the Super Bowl, except there are massive geopolitical consequences. Conservatives are hate-watching Obama's inauguration -- can you blame them? -- and their complaints fit into two major categories.

Can you believe these sheeple?

"I'll probably stay away from twitter today-dont want to hear about this sad day for America + hear sheeple fawning over Obama- sickens me," tweets AmericanAllegiance.

Free Republic posters feel maybe a little nauseous. One poster writes, "Make sure your TV is on. After all, ALL HAIL OUR KING, OUR GOD KING, KING OBAMA!" Others say they're saving money by missing out. Another says: "By not turning my TV on today at all, I will probably save a LOT on my electric bill. I figure, at Least $.08. Every little bit helps." A third thinks they're the silent majority: "Wonder how the networks will fake the ratings on this fiasco...."

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What would Martin Luther King, Jr. think?

Obama is being sworn in on MLK day. Some conservatives made mild references to this, like Sarah Palin, who chose to note King's holiday over Obama's inauguration in a Facebook post.

We will not squander what [civil rights activists'] efforts have wrought, we will not take for granted the blood that has been shed, and we will not fail to do our part to help preserve the freedoms that are uniquely American. In Dr. King’s own words, “Let freedom ring!” So, to these freedoms we cling so that future generations may know and love the America that those before us so sacrificially gave.

I encourage you to take time to reflect on Dr. Martin Luther King’s efforts to secure freedom and true equality and what those efforts have added to our lives today.

But other conservatives are reflecting on Dr. King's legacy with a more political frame.

"MLK is rolling over in his grave, as the biggest racist in U.S. history gets sworn in on his birthday & using his bible," tweeted Tom O'Halloran, who has almost 441,000 followers.

"WHT IRONY THT MOST RACIST, DIVISIVE, ANTI-USA &ANTI-CHRISTIAN VALUES PREZ WD B INAUGURATED (barf)ON MLK DAY-WHOS LIKELY ROLLING N HIS GRAVE!," tweeted Victoria O'Kane, whose Twitter bio says she's a "Christian, mother, wife, conservative patriot, author, poet, artist, account executive, humor fan" and has 7,300 followers. The debate over what MLK is doing in his grave rages on Twitter.

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