Want a 300-lb. Piece of Romney Memorabilia? It's Free, But You'll Have to Haul It.

National Journal

What would you do with a 300-pound steel slab, formed in the shaped of Iowa, and emblazoned with Mitt Romney's "Believe in America" motto?

It could make a good conversation piece for your living room, or perhaps enjoy a second life refashioned as an Iowa-shaped coffee table.

The possibilities are limited. Word has it that a landlord of a former Romney Campaign office wants it gone--soon. Consequently, the Criagslist seller is willing to give it away for free, provided you have a truck that can haul 300 pounds of steel.

The sign, which was fashioned by factory workers in Dubuque, Iowa, appeared with the candidate on campaign stops in the state leading up to the caucus.

If anything, it's worth the price in scrap. For instance, one easily googled company in Texas says they buy scrap steel at $0.50 a pound. That's a $150 that you could put toward a campaign contribution. How's that for recycling?

Here's the pitch on Craigslist:

UPDATE: Meet the man who brought the sign home.