Scott Brown's Twitter Rant Will Not Stop Haunting Him

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Scott Brown got a little carried away responding to critics on Twitter over the weekend, which shouldn't be a big deal, but apparently it is when you're expected to run for a vacant Senate seat and now everyone is taking his "whatevers" so very, very seriously. 

After watching his daughter perform on Friday evening, now former Senator Brown sent out a few tweets that might suggest he'd had a few glasses of wine — the late delivery time, the content, and the subsequent deletion seem to have offered some credence to those theories. The Internet grabbed on to Brown's "Bqhatevwr" tweet, which spawned a trending hashtag and two different parody accounts, because it is clearly hilarious. 

But the Internet won't let a series of tweets from a recently unemployed man go unnoticed, and now pundits continue to go over them with a fine-tooth comb to see what they can glean about Brown's political future (will it be a run for Senate or Governor?) as we wait to see what shakes out in Massachusetts. Here are your two camps of over-analysis:

These Tweets Are Serious Business

The Washington Post's The Fix writer Aaron Blake thinks these tweets should be taken very seriously, and that Brown "needs to say something — and the sooner the better." Brown's silence is only feeding the beast, Blake insists, and because Brown won't talk about it, everyone is going to keep talking about it. "By deleting the tweets and not saying anything, though, Brown only feeds the robust rumor mill that is Twitter," Blake writes. "Quite frankly, Twitter matters in the broader political discussion, since what is big on Twitter almost always penetrates into the political dialogue." Blake seems to argue that the story will die as soon as Brown comes out with a public oops, and that the silence only raises more questions than necessary. Which might be asking more questions than necessary in the first place, but we digress.

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Scott Brown Is Human Because He Regrets Things He Tweets, Too

The Boston Herald was on this beat before Brown tweeted the now controversial tweets. The former Senator has basically avoided mentioning politics at all on Twitter since losing his seat to Elizabeth Warren last year. Instead, he's opted to talk about the Patriots' disappointing playoff performance, his excitement for the Bruins and the Celtics, and that time he went to see Silver Linings Playbook. Talking Points Memo's Igor Bobic says Brown's tweeting proves he's "just like us." His recent performances have made him "a sort of Twitter celebrity extraordinaire recently," especially after his escapade on Friday. Bobic even compared him to the infamous Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley. And it was Brown's regular-guy-in-a-barn-coat image that made helped him win his Senate seat in the first place, so what harm can really come of some silly late-night tweeting? Unless by harm you mean excellent poll numbers.

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