4.5% of NRA Members Still Like President Obama, Says NRA

The NRA itself, however, remains very popular among its own members, according to the NRA.

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Today the National Rifle Association published a 1,000-member survey conducted a week ago — a month after the shootings in Newtown, Connecticut. The accompanying press release trumpets NRA members' support of a single level-headed policy (keeping guns away from the mentally ill) and the gun lobby's near-total opposition to "gun confiscation," "banning semi-automatic firearms," "banning the sale of firearms between private citizens," and "requiring gun owners to register with the federal government."

Buried within the survey's complete findings, however, are some equally vehement opinions about President Obama, who recently issued 23 executive actions pertaining to the spread of gun violence, and who urged Vice President Biden and Senators like Dianne Feinstein to pursue further legislation, which they each did today. When asked to state whether they possessed a favorable or unfavorable opinion toward Obama, 92.6 percent of NRA members expressed an unfavorable opinion, according to the NRA. Meanwhile, 4.5 percent of members had a favorable opinion of the president. (There were 2.9 percent with "no opinion.") House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi fared even worse, at 93.1 percent unfavorable:

Oddly, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg polled significantly better than the President, even though Bloomberg's stance toward gun laws, and the rhetoric with which he pushes it, much louder than Obama's.

One entity continues to poll very well among NRA members in the NRA's own bowling: the NRA itself, which earned a favorable opinion from 98.1 percent of its own constituents.

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