Watch Michelle Obama Roll Her Eyes at John Boehner

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Here's are some GIFs of a momentous occasion: Michelle Obama rolling her eyes at something John Boehner said at the Inauguration Day luncheon. Boehner was a guest at the White House for coffee before the ceremony, during which a lot of people noted that he looked like he could use a smoke break. Maybe he did on the way to the lunch, but the First Lady looks like she could use a break from all this quality time with the Speaker of the House: 

And here's another eye roll just seconds later: 

Thanks to Matty Rabatin for capturing the clip on his Tumblr. Unfortunately, there's no audio, so the context of the eye roll of the year may be lost to history. For his part, President Obama went on to say that his wife and Boehner get along... just fine: "Michelle and the speaker of the House came to a meeting of the minds that I may be delaying the proceedings too much," Obama said. "And so I'm just going to be extraordinarily brief and say thank you."

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