Here's How Lupe Fiasco Got Kicked Off Stage at an Inaugural Concert

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Rapper Lupe Fiasco was the headliner at the StartUp RockOn concert to celebrate President Obama's reelection last night. Fiasco celebrated by spending more than 30 minutes rapping an anti-Obama song, and was eventually booted off stage.  Here's the video: 

The politically divisive lyrics in question seems to be "Limbaugh is a racist, Glenn Beck is a racist. Gaza strip was getting bombed. Obama didn't say sh*t. That's why I ain't vote for him, next one either." Never mind that "sh*t" and "racist" is a stretch of rhyme, but remember that this concert was celebrating the president's reelection. And according to Foreign Policy's Josh Rogin, that odd song (above) lasted some 30 minutes: 

The organizers of the event released a statement very early this morning, stating that Fiasco wasn't kicked off for his meandering anti-Obama song, but rather because his meandering anti-Obama song was so bad:

But Lupe Fiasco was not “kicked off stage” for an “anti-Obama rant.” We are staunch supporters of free speech, and free political speech. This was not about his opinions. Instead, after a bizarrely repetitive, jarring performance that left the crowd vocally dissatisfied, organizers decided to move on to the next act. 

Days before last night's performance, Fiasco quit Twitter and announced that he had scrapped plans for his latest album.

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