Jon Stewart Writes the Book on AIG

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It probably wasn't a great Wednesday for bitter insurance king Hank Greenberg, the ex-CEO of AIG. First, his former company rejected the shareholder lawsuit against the U.S. government that Greenberg has entered, for some reason. Then, while flipping through the channels late at night — trying to relax, trying to forget — he may have accidentally flipped on to The Daily Show. Bad idea, Hank. At the tail end of a rant on the accountability of financial institutions, Stewart dug into Greenberg's grudge against the federal government for not giving his company exactly the terms it requested for the massive bailout it received. Hank's even writing a memoir about how mad he is! Instead, we'll be looking forward to Stewart's imaginary book coming out on the same day: Don't Buy Maurice R. Greenberg's Stupid F--ing Book (Because It's Going to Be Terrible).


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